What’s the Difference?

Bring connects people and business with travellers, creating a travelling community able to share spare cargo space, anywhere and anytime.


Save Money 

Bring enables cost-effective, same day shipping at a lower price than traditional non-express shipping services.


Environmentally Friendly

It’s the greenest way to ship! Fuel spent traveling is simultaneously used to ship and deliver packages.

Unbeatably Fast

No overheads and no sorting facilities. Unlike traditional shipping methods, almost all packages are delivered on the same day.

Skip the Packaging

No box, no tape, no tag, no problem. Packing is optional, and you never have to worry about paying exorbitant rates for awkwardly shaped items.

Need to get a hold of us?

Need help with anything. Get in touch with our support crew. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible 🙂



It all started when my son forgot his rugby boots for a tournament in Tauranga when the idea struck what if there’s someone heading there any way that could deliver it for me at a price that we can both agree on. What we needed was a platform that matched the spare capacity with deliveries – a simpler way for the commuting community to have the ability to deliver those packages to their destination while going the same way. And that’s when the idea struck! What if there’s a platform for the vast community to deliver basically anything on their daily commute for neighbors at a convenient time and place that suits both the sender and the driver.

So, we started up Bring, a matching platform for delivery, we’re a community of amazing drivers (“Bringers’) utilizes their spare capacity to solve the challenges of delivery. Hey, they are going your way anyway…

And we look forward to having you join us so we can make the world a little bit greener, a lot more efficient, and a whole lot more awesome.