Every day, thousands of packages are transported; this takes a lot of time, a lot of money and has a big impact on the environment. All the while hundreds of thousands of people are driving around and are willing to deliver a package and get paid for it!
Bring is an online platform that connects sender, courier and receiver. Do you want to send something? Are you on the road and would you like to earn money with a simple delivery on your route? Bring enables you to send a package or deliver a package and makes your daily journeys profitable. A platform to quickly send and deliver packages and goods, in a way that is economically responsible and CO2 neutral; Just Bring it!

how bring works

select pickup & drop off locations
describe your item
track your item
delivered & sign of item


Sender and courier are brought together in a user-friendly app, called Bring. This app allows you to send all kinds of packages. The packages are visible on the map in the app after signing up and filling out the registration such as size and weight. You can also add pictures. The courier is able to see the offered goods and select them to deliver them. This is why you want to use Bring; fast, simple and cheap transport and door to door delivery!

How do you send a package?
1. Download the app ‘Bring’ and register.
2. Choose ‘send’ and follow the steps in the app: enter a size, weight and optionally pictures of the package and the addresses for pick up and delivery. It’s also possible to add time slots for pick up and delivery for the most convenient time. Now you are ready to submit the package!
3. A courier is able to select your package for pick up and delivery, most likely on the same day. You will receive a message to do the payment by Debit Card or Credit Card.
Of course it is also possible to use the Bring app to do deliveries. This means you can easily make money by using the app on your (daily) journeys.

Want to become a Bring driver?

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and start earning on your daily route


Sender and Bring are brought together in a user-friendly app. Bring app allows you to deliver all sorts of packages. The available packages are visible on a nearby deliveries in the app, and after signing up as a Bringer, you are able to select a package and make the delivery. By making a delivery you can easily make money with your planned or daily commute! Search for deliveries on the Bring app!

How does the delivery work?
1. Download the app ‘Bring’ and register.
2. Choose ‘Profile’ in the menu and select ‘deliver’.
3. Fill in the needed information, and we'll approve your driver's account within days.
4. Receive notifications for matching goods and start making money with your planned car drives!

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Why spend time running around town organising a courier that costs almost as much as the item itself? Bring delivers just about anything without the hassle and expense of traditional shipping. Think of it as carpooling for your stuff.

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Download the Bring Apps and join our community today. Bring is same-day delivery platform that connects people with stuff to send to drivers already heading in the right direction.