Trust & Safety

Safety & Trust Online since 2018 and as a pioneer in crowdsourced delivery, the safety of our community is our number one priority. For this purpose, we have set up a chart that summarizes the potential rules to be followed. Most of them are based on common sense, but it is important to remind people of them and to emphasize certain ones.

Why should we trust our members?

Complete profiles: we invite our members to complete their profiles with personal information. Beyond a photo, a biography and their place of residence, a variety of background checks can include a valid e-mail address, a mobile telephone number, connection of their Bring profile to their (official) social network accounts (Twitter and Linkedin).

Before payment: the identity of the user must be verified These checks allow us to get rid of fraudulent profiles and prevent the creation of false accounts (accounts containing false or misleading information are immediately suspended or closed). In addition, we regularly invite our users to update their profiles.

An evaluation system: this system has as its goal to evaluate our members and to give them an indicative grade based on their level of experience with Bring. “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” after a delivery, users can leave a comment and an evaluation. We thank the most responsive users for awarding a dedicated icon.

Secure payment: Bring relies on the services of its partner Stripe to manage all the payments that take place on its platform.

International parcel service’s 8 rules for successful delivery: Respect for general conditions, in particular the list of prohibited products (our system systematically filters out the least illicit item). Respect for the members of the community: Bring is part of the new sharing economy and defends its values of solidarity, tolerance, friendliness, and politeness.

“I only deliver what I can see”.

Not only is this sentence common sense, we also invite our users to scrupulously check the content to be delivered, especially when it’s a personal package. Never accept a closed package. Also, you have the right to refuse delivery at any time. Close up the package yourself after having confirmed that the contents are legitimate. In the event of doubt of suspicious behavior on the part of the requester, immediately refuse the delivery and let us know by e-mail at Our team will then take the necessary steps.

Set up a meeting in a public place: we strongly advise you to proceed with exchanges between travelers and requesters in public places for obvious security reasons.

“I give a maximum of personal information.”: whether it’s the traveler or the requester, the users will be more reassured when they are well informed about what they are transporting and who they are dealing with. In addition, providing detailed personal information increases your chances of finding a requester or a traveler!

We also remind you that our travelers are not professional delivery personnel. We request that you respect their capabilities (size and weight of items in particular) and the service that they are providing to you. Discuss with a maximum of details in writing through our secure mailbox: this allows us, in case of disputes, to provide proof through your conversation’s history.

Any other form of communication is prohibited and will cause you to be removed from the secure framework of our platform. Answer messages: Answer all of your messages, even if you are unable to carry out the delivery or the trip in order that the other party knows what to expect. You will be notified by e-mail when you receive a message and a red dot will appear next to your tab “My account”. Negotiate in a fair and reasonable manner.

Our online mailbox allows you to carry out a negotiation, so use it while respecting the viewpoints of other users. What to do in case there is a problem? In case of a problem with delivery, no matter what the reason is, contact us by e-mail at

If the traveler has to cancel his trip or has a transportation problem, he needs to make it known as soon as possible to the requester (preferably via the internal mailbox on the site for the reasons explained above). If the delivery could not be made, the requester has the right to cancel the transaction via the mailbox or to dispute the delivery.

We will then make contact with the requester to see what happened and will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Bring Works

1. Post an item

With just one tap, get matched with a friendly, background-checked Bringer to pickup your item.

2. Describe your item

What do you want to send? Fill in required details for item to send and receiver information for tracking

3. Track your item

Track your item during delivery in real-time. In-app message between users and the Bringer.

4. Item Delivered

Item delivered signed by receiver for delivery confirmation with photos and contactless dropoff.

See what you can send

Why spend time running around town organising a courier that costs almost as much as the item itself? Bring delivers just about anything without the hassle and expense of traditional shipping. Think of it as carpooling for your stuff .

Delivery solutions
for businesses

Bring offers local businesses a more sustainable and cost-effective delivery service. We use technology to match companies with our dedicated, skilled drivers in your community. In this way, we utilize available capacity that already exists and turn it into an effective home delivery solution. Bring for Business is an innovative home delivery solution.

And for

Post items up for delivery on the Bring App and we will connect you with our friendly Bring local drivers who are going the same way. It might be a neighbor already registered with Bring.

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Bring connects people who have a need to send something with people who are going the same way.

Together as a collective community, we can reduce the CO2 footprint on deliveries by utilizing spare capacity on vehicles going the same way anyway - that means less pollution and fewer cars on the roads.

  • Post what you want to send on the Bring App.
  • When and where you want your item to go.
  • System generates price based on kilometers.
  • It's free to post an item, you only pay when a Bringer offers to deliver.
  • Receive offers from Bringers with available capacity to deliver your item. You choose who you want to drive for you. To help you choose, all drivers are evaluated after completing the assignment.

Sending stuff in New Zealand, just got easier with Bring.
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